A study into the damage to rectangular plates subjected to dynamic loads

by Tevfik O. Uran

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Cover of: A study into the damage to rectangular plates subjected to dynamic loads | Tevfik O. Uran
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Effect of in-plane forces on frequency parameters A.K.L. Srivastava, Young’s and shear moduli for the plate material vibration of rectangular plates subjected to in b s, d Allman [14] has carried out the analysis of buckling loads of square and File Size: KB. This work compares experimental and numerical results concerning the elastic dynamic response of air-backed plate to underwater explosion. Experiments were performed in a centrifuge, both the shock loadings and structure responses were tested, and the bubble oscillation considering centrifugal force was predicted with Geer and Hunter model. The experimental and numerical results illustrates Cited by: 1. A Model Study of Micropiles Subjected to Lateral Loading Condition Fig. 3: Length/Diameter Ratio versus Ultimate Load Plot at Relative Density 50% Fig. 4: Length/Diameter Ratio versus Ultimate Load Plot at Relative Density 80% It is observed from the figures, that at relative density 30%, the ultimate load increases at a high rate upto L/D File Size: KB. Eight identical Xrnrn rectangular plates, each Of mass m=40kg, are held in a vertical plane as shown. All connections consist of frictionless ping. rollers, or short links. In each case, determine Whether (u) the plate is completely, partially, or improperly constrained, (b) the reactions are statically determinate orFile Size: KB.

various shapes as rectangular, circular, triangular, etc. and can be subjected to various types of boundary conditions. Use of different materials (it may be a homogeneous, composite, sandwich, viscoelastic or a functionally graded material) also changes the analysis type. Analyses can be performed in static or dynamic domain. In his study, the Helmholtz free energy was expanded into a polynomial in terms of elastic strains and damage variables to obtain the stiffness-damage relations. Utilizing a continuum mechanics approach, Allen et al. [ 2, 3 ] developed a model for predicting the thermomechanical constitution of initially elastic composites subjected to both Cited by: 1. Lecture 11 Buckling of Plates and Sections Problem A simply-supported rectangular plate is subjected to a uniaxial compressive load N, as shown in the sketch below. b ba 6 N N a) Calculate and compare buckling coefficients corresponding to the four first buckling modes as a function of Size: KB. Nonlinear static and dynamic analysis of circular plates and shallow spherical shells using the collocation method. Y. Nath. Analysis of nonlinear dynamic response and dynamic buckling for laminated shallow spherical thick shells with damage, Nonlinear Dynamics, /s, 54, 4.

Get this from a library! Contact Loading and Local Effects in Thin-walled Plated and Shell Structures: IUTAM Symposium Prague/Czechoslovakia September , [Vlastimil Křupka; Miloš Drdácký] -- The work summarizes theoretical and experimental investigations of real loading conditions of thin-walled plated and shell structures under loads concentrated on parts of their surface. 1 Answer to A flat rectangular plate is subjected to the forces shown, where all forces are parallel to the x or y axis. If P = N, determine F when the resultant moment of all forces about the z axis is M z = . into the IHT workspace and evaluated for sweeps over the x or y variable. Note that for T(1,y), that as y → 1, the upper boundary, T(1,1) is greater than °C. Upon examination of the magnitudes of terms, it becomes evident that more than 5 terms are required to provide an accurate solution. 0 1 x or y coordinate (m) 50 70 File Size: 46KB. PLATES SUBJECTED TO HIGH PRESSURE LOADING S. BÉLANGER *1, S. BRODEUR 2, J.B the dynamic loading of relatively small exposed area on plates where short duration air-blast objective of the present study was to produce tearing of plates with low strain to generate one of the three typical failure modes observed by Menkes and Opat [2 File Size: 1MB.

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Dimensionless numbers for dynamic response analysis Square and rectangular plates subjected to different distribution pressure pulse loads have been performed by many researchers, but. Long rectangular plates subjected to concentrated loads are often investigated by a replacement beam with a so called “e ff ective width”.

Although this approach is a reliable tool for static. dudleyknoxlibrary navalpostgraduateschool1. monterey,ca astudyintothedamageto rectangularplatessubjectedtodynamicloads by // n.a.

A parametric study of the buckling behavior of infinitely long symmetrically lam-inated anisotropic plates that are subjected to linearly varying edge loads, uniform shear loads, or combinations of these loads is presented. The study focuses on the effects of the shape of Cited by: N, Jones / Damage of plates due to impact, dynamic pressure and explosive loads Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures 10() – For our purpose in this paper, eqn (1) in Reference [1] is sufficient with the addition of an ex-ternal work rate term related to the dynamic pressure pulse and the neglect of the transverse.

Analytical solutions of the dynamic deflection of a plate with general boundary conditions subjected to moving loads are presented by means of dealing with the governing equation. In the numerical analysis, a plate with four edges simply supported is selected to study the dynamic response yielded by the moving loads.

DAMAGE RESPONSE OF SANDWICH PLATES SUBJECT TO DYNAMIC LOADS by Alfonso de Lacruz Alvarez Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, E.T.S. Ingenieros Navales. Madrid (Spain), Submitted to the Department of Ocean Engineering and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degrees of.

The elastic buckling problem of rectangular plates under uniaxial loads acting at opposite edges is the most basic plate buckling problem and its solution is documented in all standard texts on plate buckling (for example, Timoshenko and A study into the damage to rectangular plates subjected to dynamic loads book, Szilard and Bulson).An extension to this buckling problem is to include an intermediate uniaxial load in additional to the end uniaxial loads as shown Cited by: Then, approximate but accurate solutions for a current plate subjected to stationary and moving loads are proposed by excluding the effect of additional mass.

The numerical results obtained from the proposed theory for simply-supported and clamped plates with stepped thickness, excluding the effect of additional mass, show good agreement with Cited by: Some Aspects Of Dynamic Buckling of Plates † The simplest criterion was proposed by Volmir [14] { the dynamic critical load corresponds to the amplitude of pulse force (of constant duration) at which the maximal plate de°ection is equal to some constant value k (k = one half or one plate thickness).

A parametric study is presented of the buckling behavior of infinitely long sym-metrically laminated anisotropic plates subjected to combined loads.

The study focuses on the interaction of a subcritical (stable) secondary loading state of constant magnitude and a primary destabilizing load that is increased in magnitude until buck-ling by: The paper investigates the dynamic stability of thick functionally graded plates subjected to aero-thermo-mechanical loads, using the moving least squares differential quadrature method.

Temperature field is assumed to be a uniform distribution over the plate plane, and varied in the thickness direction only.

Material properties are assumed to be temperature dependent and graded in the Author: Sheng Fei Yang, Hao Chen, Chun Ran. It is the purpose of this study to present design equations which can be used to predict the damage of ductile plating when subjected to mass impact, dynamic pressure or impulsive loadings.

The external loadings are sufficiently severe to produce inelastic material behaviour and produce finite transverse displacement, or geometry change, : Norman Jones. This study involves an analytical approach to investigate the dynamic responses of plates subjected to blast and impulsive loads.

Navier’s approach was employed in order to obtain the equations for displacements and moments. The method validity was evaluated by making comparisons between the analytical and the numerical predictions of the plate time histories and the maximum by: 3.

Abstract. Analytical behavior of rectangular plates with semi-rigid boundary conditions under in-plane and lateral dynamic loads of constant thickness resting on the Winkler foundation is analyzed using a modified Bolotin by: 1.

The objective of this study is to investigate the strength of the rectangular plates subjected to cyclic load reversals with varying strain ranges.

The finite element solution is implemented to estimate the load-carrying capacity. The influence of the initial imperfections, plate thicknesses and aspect ratio parameters have been accounted for.

Rectangular Plates Subjected to Blast Loading: the Comparison Between Experimental Results, Numerical Analysis and Simpli ed Analytical Approach K. Cichocki, U.

Perego To cite this version: No failure assumption was taken into account, because only light damage of the plates has been noted upon completion of the experiments. ANALYSIS AND MITIGATION OF STRESS CONCENTRATION FACTOR OF A RECTANGULAR ISOTROPIC AND ORTHOTROPIC PLATE WITH CENTRAL CIRCULAR HOLE SUBJECTED TO IN-PLANE STATIC LOADING BY DESIGN OPTIMIZATION Shubhrata Nagpal1, Dr.

Sanyal2, Dr. 3 Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bhilai Institute of Technology. plates subjected to blast and thermal loads Nguyen Dinh Duc, Ngo Duc Tuan, Phuong Tran & Tran Quoc Quan [11] published a valuable book "Nonlinear static and dynamic stability of functionally graded plates and shells", in which the results of nonlinear dynamic analysis of shear deformable FGM structures were presented.

predict the damage. p =0 for lateral loads. METHODOLOGY This paper presents the findings of a research effort that analyzed the exact behaviour of thin rectangular plates subjected to uniformly distributed line-loads acting laterally on the plate (Okodi, ).

The specific objectives were to File Size: KB. In particular, a rectangular plate simply supported on all its edges was presented by means of operational calculus. Alisjahbana presented an approximate method for the determination of the natural frequencies and mode shapes of rectangular clamped orthotropic plates subjected to dynamic transverse moving loads.

The dynamic solution of the Author: Emem Ayankop Andi, Sunday Tunbosun Oni. Abstract In this work, geometrically nonlinear vibrations of fully clamped rectangular plates subjected to thermal changes are used to study the sensitivity of some vibration response parameters to the presence of damage and elevated temperature.

The geometrically nonlinear version of the Mindlin plate theory is used to model the plate behaviour. In order to estimate the ultimate strength of these structural elements, as a basic study, a square plate subjected to compression and shear is treated in this paper.

As a practical example of such elements in ship structure, horizontal girders, a part of longitudinal bulkhead and so on can be by: 3. Wind loading and windborne debris (missile) impact are the two primary mechanisms that result in window glazing damage during hurricanes.

Wind-borne debris is categorized into two types: small hard missiles; such as roof gravel; and large soft missiles representing lumber from wood-framed buildings.

Laminated architectural glazing (LAG) may be used in buildings where impact resistance is by: 8. bullets”, In book: International Journal of. Impact Engineering, P. This paper discussesthe Experimental, analytical and numerical simulations which were performed to study the ballistic resistance of T6 aluminium plates - subjected to normal impact of small calibre armour piercing bullets.

Bullets made of steel and having core. Abstract. The present work analyses the buckling and vibration behaviour of non-homogeneous rectangular plates of uniform thickness on the basis of classical plate theory when the two opposite edges are simply supported and are subjected to linearly varying in-plane by: A Model Study of Micropiles subjected to Lateral Loading and Oblique Pull Binu Sharma1 Key words Micropile, model study, relative density, length to diameter ratio, failure mechanism Abstract: Micropiles are small diameter cast in situ reinforced grouted piles.

Micropiles are mainly applied for structural support and in situ Size: KB. The result of the study of dynamic response of an elastic circular plate to blast load is presented in this research work.

Finite element method is used to derive the equation of motion for the circular plate element under the influence of exponential impulse forces. System stiffness and mass matrices were drive. The effects of transverse shear deformation and rotatory inertia were included.

plates with holes of different types of geometries. In-plane theoretical stress concentration factors for short rectangular plates with centered circular holes subjected to uniform tension using finite element method is analyzed by Troyani N, Gomes C, Sterlacci G. [4].Stress concentration around a File Size: KB.

subjected to a series of localised heating applied to the central portion of the plate in each loading condition. Fire temperature levels were analysed with the heated area ranging from 6 % up to 77 % of the total plate area.

An initial distortion of the plate illustrated in Fig. 8 was taken into consideration with the shape of imperfectionFile Size: 2MB. A 6 × in. plate is subjected to four loads as shown. Find the resultant of the four loads and the two points at which the line of action of the resultant intersects the edge of the plate%(6).A two-dimensional rectangular plate is subjected to prescribed temperature boundary conditions on three sides and convection at the top surface.

Using the method of separation of variables (section ), derive an expression for the temperature distribution in the plate.This paper investigates the effects of localized interface progressive delamination on the behavior of two-layer laminated composite plates when subjected to low velocity impact loading for various fiber orientations.

By means of finite element approach, the laminae stiffnesses are constructed independently from their interface, where a well-defined virtually zero-thickness interface element Cited by: 5.